Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday Dinner At Bay Country Meals

In March of 2006, as the English Restaurant chain closed, the owners, Hall Investmests/Englishs" opened a new restaurant in an old Pizza Hut building.  It was called Bay Country Meals.  Based on a Boston Market style restaurant it would serve a number of the English recipes from Chicken to Sweet potato biscuits. 

The food was okay.  The employees were perhaps less than enthusiastic, some what the same reason English's had gone downhill.  For your Sunday dinner you could eat in or takeout so it made for a causal dining experience. The meals were about $12 a person.

The Pizza Hut that was in the building prior to Bay Country suffered greatly when the RT50 bypass was completely opened.  Apparently Bay Country did not have the appeal to draw in business any better than Pizza Hut. 

By 2015 they gave up and in 2017 Monument Restaurants of Richmond, a franchisee of Krispy Creme, bough the building and opened a Krispy Kreme.  For the building maybe the third time is a charm.

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