Wednesday, May 20, 2020

1947 Purchase of The Water Plant

Delmar Water Sale For $55,000 Completed

Delmar April 30 Possession of the Delmar Water Co., a private corporation which has supplied both sides of Delmar with water since 1915 officially was gained by the two towns in Philadelphia yesterday for $55,000.

The purchase was consummated by Mayor M. L. Hastings and Councilman M. A. Jones of Delmar Del., and A. U. Davis president of the Delmar, Md., town commissioners. They were accompanied by Howard Bramhall, Georgetown attorney for the Delaware town, and Robert W. Dallas, Salisbury attorney for the Maryland municipality.

Both Delmars will operate the water system through a water commission, the charter members of which are: Dr. T. Barton Freeny, who sits on the Maryland town's board of town commissioners; and E. G. P. Jones and Matthew Aydelotte councilman in Delmar, Del.

Above from The Salisbury Times 30 Apr 1947

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