Saturday, May 16, 2020

600 East Grove Street

one of the best examples of molded block construction in Delmar.  This property was originally owned by Roland Franklin Elliott (1873-1947).  He was a farmer, merchant, manager of a canning company and dabbled in Real Estate.  With his wife Annie Elizabeth Smith (1873-1944) they built the house about 1910/1911.  They had two daughters; Lelah Priscilla Elliott (1893-1950) - who would marry John William Sturgis - and Cora Dell Elliot (1894-1986).  Cora at the tender age of 16 would marry in 1910 Seth (Zeb) Joseph Ellis.  Cora and Seth are best known for building the movie theater in Delmar and running a soda fountain/shop on the ground floor.

After her parents died Cora acquired the property and her and Seth moved into it.  They raised their family there.

Prior to Cora's death in 1986  the property was sold in 1982 to Thomas Mark Danahy for $25,500.  In 1985 it was sold again to Dan Church and in 2002 it was sold to the present owners. So in it's 110 year history it has only been owned by five families.

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