Thursday, May 21, 2020

1940 delmar poem


They wanted a place to live and sing

Where life would be happy, without a sting,

 Where gardens would grow and blossoms thrive

And the beauty of friendship keep alive.

So the railroad came, and a station set.

And the postman chosen to not forget that mall sent on to Delmar town

 Was for Delaware, Maryland, up or down!

All around the orchards grew,

And peaches flavored with sun and dew

Brought the buyers from everywhere

To Delmar Maryland-Delaware:

And the shops and mills and stores in time

Brought workers skilled and tried and strong

To build up here In a friendly clime

A Delmar smile and a Delmar song.

Friends and neighbors, church and school,

Brick yards, mills and the Golden Rule

Here they flourish In peace and love

With Maryland-Delaware skies above

Here life blends In a Christian way

With things men dream of when they pray

With joy and gladness and helpful strife

In toll for the building of better life
 B. B.  From The Baltimore Sun 16 Oct 1940

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