Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Another One Bites The Dust

This house use to sit on the corner of Jackson Road and st Georges Road.  I am not sure who originally built the house but it  belonged to the Elliott family until the property was sold to the Culver family.  The house I would guess at being built about 1900.

Back a few years ago it was torn down.  The house had about ten rooms and the two porches on the side.  It was a classic Eastern Shore tee shape farm house.  In the late 1930s my grandfather, Charles Smith Bayly, rented the house for a year or so before moving back to South of Delmar.  Among the stories told was my Uncle James Deshield came home one night with one of his drinking buddies and the buddy got up in the night to use the facilities and fell off the second story balcony.  Like all drunks he was not badly injured. 

and today it is just a foundation and shrub trees.

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