Thursday, July 26, 2018

1933 The Death of John Emory Chipman

Above from the Wilmington News Journal 27 February 1932

John Emory Chipman (1875-1932) was a 1901 graduate of Delaware College (now called the Univ of Delaware).  He was the son of John Henry Chipman and Mary Jane Gordy Chipman.
He married in 1898 to Princess Rosetta James (1876-1927).  They had for children; Helen F. Chipman (1900-1998) and Everett Manning Chipman (1901-1975).  He was buried Laurel Hill Cemetery. 
In 1944 Helen would marry John McCready Beach.  Manning would marry Ellen  and second he would marry  DeLane.  He worked at DuPonts in Seaford. In 1926 Manning had found Barton Freeny Lying on the floor of his home unconscious from gas inhalation. 

Emory Chipman's nephew, George Chipman, committed suicide in 1933 by shotgun. His brother James Thomas Chipman drown himself in a pond at Chipman Mill.

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