Monday, July 23, 2018

Milbourne Mills

above article from The Salisbury Times 12 July 1927

Francis Milbourne Mills (1909-1927) is buried in St. Stephens Cemetery.  He was the son of James Lee Warren Mills a Railroad conductor. and Mary Elizabeth Milbourne.  Obviously he carried his mother mother's maiden name as his middle name but was called by his middle name instead of his first name.  Lee Mills would die in 1954.  He had remarried after Mary died to Nobia B. Mason.  Lee was from the Crisfield area and from a family that worked for the railroad.  He has been mentioned before and to see the article and photo go here.

It should also be pointed out that James Lee Warren Mills carry the middle name of Lee Warren.  It is not known who Lee Warren was, but there are a number of men born in Somerset county around 1890 who carry the middle name of Lee Warren or they use Lee Warren as a first and middle name followed by the surname.  Lee Warren Hayman comes to mind.

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