Thursday, July 19, 2018

Lee Warren Hayman

above from the Wilmington Morning News August 21 1912
Lee Warren Hayman (1888-1943) would die in 1943 of a heart attack in Cape Charles, Virginia still working for the railroad after 30 years. Lee was the son of Alfred J. D. and Addie Parks Hayman.  He has a unique distinction of being born on Holland Island.  His father, Al, had gone there to seek his fortune and found Addie A. Parks whom he married.  Addie was the daughter of Hezekial and Catherine Parks. Al and Addie lived in Fruitland after they left Hollands island. 

Lee married Josephine Getzell, daughter of Louis and Anna Koenig Getzell.  She was born in Cape Charles.  After Lee's death she would marry in 1963 Earl Foltz.  She would die in 1999. 

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