Tuesday, July 31, 2018

E Guy Hastings

Left on State St., which becomes the Line Road, to the junction with an improved road, 0.8 m.; L. here to the Barn of E. Guy Hastings, 1 m., in the loft of which old-time square dances are often held on Friday nights during the fall and winter months. (Visitors welcome either as dancers or spectators; many offer contributions for music.) The place is in no sense a roadhouse, and nothing is sold. Mr. and Mrs. Hastings hold the dances as community affairs because of their interest in keeping up the old customs, and often call the figures themselves.

Above from the book The Ocean Highway : New Brunswick, New Jersey to Jacksonville, Florida  1938

Ernest Guy Hastings (1879-1958) and Sallie Amelia Ward Hastings  lived about 2 miles east of Delmar.  They had one daughter; Etta Ward Hastings (1905-1987).  The newspapers always mentioned their names in  association with meetings and get to gathers at their home. 

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