Saturday, July 21, 2018


In the early 1900s the Gabriel Snubber was used on many automobiles.  It was a device that soften the ride of the old type leaf springs auto used at that time.  Some cars came with them already installed and for other cars you could have them installed.

The Whippet in 1927 came equipped with the snubber and it could be purchased at Adkins and Hastings in Delmar, Del.

above showing how a snubber was installed to the axle,  Two snubbers were attached to the front and to the back axle.  It consisted of a strong fabric strap wrapped around a spool that was spring loaded as the vehicle wheel dropped into a hole or depression the tension on the spool would keep the leaf spring from slamming into the car causing shock. 

If not already installed Williams Garage or Elliett Lewis in Salisbury could install them for a price.

1923 cars with snubbers

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