Sunday, July 22, 2018

Headlight Oil

above 1879 ad

Headlight oil is double refined kerosene. Originally produced from coal shale it was originally called coal oil.   Headlight oil is a term used in the 1870s up till about 1920.  Generally the oil was used for heating oil but also for lighting including outside street lights.  No doubt it was used in buggy lanterns or headlights, thus the name.   It had a higher combustible temperature than other heating and illuminating oils of the time .  Usually rated at 150 or 175 degrees as opposed to coal oil at 110 degrees. It was used on the railroad for illumination for both the marker lights and the main headlight about 1875.  
1906 ad from Courier newspaper Salisbury MD Headlight oil at 12 cents a gallon

above 1911 ad News Castle DE and Wilmington 

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