Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Good Nickel Cigar

Again we come back to this photo of State Street and Railroad Ave about 1910.  On the right is a sign for Sen Auben.  No doubt the cigars were sold in George Willis Hudson's Billard Parlor and tobacco store.  This was in a period in which cigars were manufactured in the larger towns.  Salisbury certainly had their cigar makers although Sen Auben was a Wilmington cigar maker.  All of them seem to use girls for cigar makers in their factories. 

Sen Auben was a brand of cigars manufactured for and by S. H. Durstein in Wilmington Delaware.  They were distributed in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. 

in 1911 they opened their new factory at second and walnut in Wilmington 

Samuel Henry Durstein (1859-1918) distributed them from the late 1890 until His son, Ralph, sold the company in 1942. Ralph Keck Durstein, jr, the grandson of Samuel, would work in Salisbury as a salesman for Atlantic Refining Company before moving to New York State and died in 1968


below is an ad for 200 girls in Salisbury to make cigars in 1920

above 1918

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