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Los Angeles Goes To Hebron 1928

Los Angeles Goes To Hebron 1928

Climaxing the colorful two-day dedicatory exercises incidental to the opening of the Hebron airport, was the visit on Tuesday of the United States Navy’s giant dirigible, Los Angeles, which paid it’s compliments by circling  over the field shortly before 1 o’clock having made a special trip from its hanger in Lakehurst, New Jersey.

Arriving more than an hour before the time announced for its appearance, the ship’s arrival at the airport was witnessed by only about 1,000 people, although the throng at the airport late in the afternoon was estimated at from 7,000 to 8,000.

On the way down thru lower Delaware, citizens turned out in enmasse, as they did in Salisbury, the blimp passing over this city while most of the populace was at lunch.

Flying low enough that the noise of her motors was distinctly audible, the streets were soon lined with spectators.  It was the Los Angeles first voyage through this section.

At the Hebron airport the craft spent about twenty minutes circling the flying field and then left on its return flight.

Lieut. F. A. Lundell, U. S. A., Bolling Field, brought the compliments of that branch of the service, flying here in an advanced training type plane from Washington.

Above from the State Register (Laurel, DE) September 1928

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