Friday, May 25, 2018

Conley’s Dry Cleaners

In 1930 Conley’s Dry Cleaning was located in the W. W. Whayland Building (The Old Hotel).  It was run by Jerome Gilmore Conley who in 1930 would move his dry cleaning business to Salisbury on West Church Street.  By August of 1930 the 30 year old had died of typhoid fever.   His 25 year old wife Bertie Gertrude Voight Conley would attempt to run the dry cleaning business but could not succeed with the lost of her husband.  In 1931 she sold the business to Edward W. Davis and J. Wilmore Shockley.  She took her daughter, Bettie Jane, and returned to North Carolina where she had been born.  She would later marry Robert Emmett Russell in North Carolina. Conley Cleaners continues in Salisbury today with Todd Bailey as the owner.

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