Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Pennsy Dining Car Staff

The steward is the captain of the dining car crew which consists of nine men besides himself, four cooks and five waiters.  All the cooks and waiters employed by the Pennsylvania are colored and the latter are assigned to crews according to size and shade; the short mulattoes on one car and the tall blacks on another.  When the meal begins and they line up by their tables they present an even rank.

Above From a longer article on dining cars on the PRR The Evening Journal 23 March 1911

"Pennsy Establish Dining Car Service"
Regular dining car service has been established on the Norfolk Division of the Pennsylvania railroad or the first time since that line has been in operation

The car is part of the equipment on Southbound train No. 455, arriving at Union Station 1:47 PM and northbound No 462 which leaves Union Station at 3:06PM.

The dining car has been added because of the increasing demand for the service from the traveling public of the Eastern Shore.

above from the Salisbury Times 7 March 1927

Train 451 in 1938 at the Salisbury Union Station

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