Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Select Delmar Items From The Newspapers

George McNelia and Miss Florence White were married at the M. P. parsonage, Wednesday evening by the Rev. J. L. Straughm.

Above Feb18 1899

Harry H. Hearn has been receiving congratulations this week on his appointment to a position in the main office of the Pennsylvania Railroad, at Wilmington.  The position pays $86 a month and he was chosen from thirty or more applicants.  Mr. Hearn was only recently promoted to the position of ticket agent at Delmar.  His successor at Delmar has not been appointed.

Above 1904.

On Friday last 540 cars of perishable, 300 cars of slow moving freight, and 48 empties were moved north from Delmar yard

Above 1913

WANTED – Responsible Lady not over 35 years to keep house on small farm three miles from Delmar.  One in family.

C. A. Besey

Delmar, Del

Above 1917

It is reported that Delmar will have two canneries this season.  One owned by H. N. Messick & Co. will be located near German’s brick yard and will can the product of 200 acres of tomatoes in addition to other vegetables and fruits.
The Delmar Canning Company will have a big plant.  They have one building 60X100 feet, and another 40x54, also a number of sheds.  They will have two 50 horse power boilers and the machinery throughout will be the best.  The P. W. & B. R. R. Co. will run their tracks to the building .  The Company will have a financial rating of $100,000 to $200,000.
Above April of  1898

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