Thursday, May 10, 2018

Engine Hostlers Pay Increase 1914

Delmar, Del., January 27 -- The roundhouse hostlers employed by the Pennsylvania railroad in this town received about $1,800 in back pay at the regular payday last week.  This meant from $200 to $300 to each man and was due to an increase in pay awarded to them by Interstate Commerce Commission last May.
above from the News Journal 28 January 1914

Engine Hostler
Drives electric, diesel-electric, steam, or gas-turbine-electric locomotive to designated stations in railroad roundhouse to be cleaned, serviced, or repaired: Receives locomotive from LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER (r.r. trans.) at termination of run. Observes oil, air, and steam pressure gauges and water level to ensure that locomotive is operating efficiently. Pushes or pulls levers to control movement of locomotive. Drives locomotive to various stations in roundhouse to be repaired, cleaned, or supplied with coal, fuel oil, water, lubricating oil, and sand, following instructions from ENGINE DISPATCHER (r.r. trans.). Drives locomotive from roundhouse to switching area and delivers serviced locomotive to engine crew.

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