Monday, March 18, 2019

Edward Wright 1892

above from the Evening Journal 27 Dec 1892

Edward B. Wright (1848-1892) lived in Wilmington but his job as a freight conductor took him to where the trains were.  In 1892 he was struck by an express train in Delmar and he died instantly.  He lived at 733 Pine Street in Wilmington.  He was married to Isabella McBride Wright.  He had a daughter, Maud Richwood Wright, and a son, Edwin C. "Eddie" Wright (1886-1927).

When Edward was buried he had a rosewood coffin and 200 members of the railroad and Knights of Pythia attending him.  He was dressed in the uniform of a Knight of Pythia.

Death letter for Edward Wright signed by Dr Ellegood, Delmar DE

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