Saturday, March 30, 2019

Elwood (Henry Edward) Cannon and Martha Wilkinson Marry in 1907

above from the Phila Inquirer 28 July 1907

The newspaper got it wrong; the groom's name was Henry Edward "Eddie" Cannon (1889-1963).  He married Martha E. Wilkinson (1888-1967).  They were married 24 July 1907 at the Laurel Campgrounds.  He originally was from Salisbury; son of William Edward Cannon and Alberta Lankford Cannon.  He worked as a fireman on the railroad.  She was the daughter of John Wilkerson and Naomi Parker Wilkerson from over at Georgetown.  Henry and Martha had a daughter in 1908; Helen Alberta Cannon and by 1910 they had been transferred to Westover Maryland and again by 1917 they had been transferred to Camden New Jersey where they lived until they died.

So the newspaper had two wrong names and altho Mr Cannon may have worked out of Delmar at the time in 1907 he actually lived in Salisbury. 

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