Saturday, March 16, 2019

Harry Mariner

above 3 Oct 1941

Harry Lee Mariner (1885-1941) was another saw mill person from the Jenkins Bridge Virginia area.  As the article says he came to Delmar to work for Delmar Lumber and when that went bust he worked for J J Elliott mill until that closed about 1931 and he went to work for Marvil Package Company in Laurel.  While there he suffered an injury and was out of work for awhile but the company and him settled the claim in 1940 and he died in 1941.  He lived over on East street with his wife' Lillie Mary Trader and son Randolph Lee Mariner.  His wife worked at Banks Shirt Factory.

Peach baskets at the Marvil Packing company they would sit them in the yard to dry and then flip them over so they would dry on the outside. Interestingly that basket was called a Delaware or Jersey Basket as those were the states where it was most used.

The Marvil plant in Laurel

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