Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Frazier Gordy Elliott

Frazier Gordy Elliott was one of the movers and shakers in Delmar in the 1880s thru the 1920s.  He was born near Delmar in 1858 and started his first business in Delmar.  In 1879 he married Fanny Ellen Ellis (1860-1934).  He was usually in partnership in his many ventures with Jackson l. Ellis. The Elliotts lived on Grove Street.  There was little that Delmar did in Mr Elliott's heyday that he did not touch in some way. His businesses employed a couple hundred people at their peak. He would pass away in 1932.

Mr Elliott was a businessman who didn't mind taking risks and using other people's money.  He was one of the original founders of the Bank of Delmar.  He was an officer of the Delmar Lumber Manufacturing company and lost a great deal of money when it went bankrupt and forced him to go bankrupt.  His flagship business was F G Elliott Hardware (est 1876) on Grove street.  When he died that company also went bankrupt.  The Hardware store also sold Everitt automobiles. He was a director of the Delmar Ice Company, a member of the Delmar Town Council, he had a splinter mill and a basket and crate mill, he was manager of the Delmar Water Company, he was a trustee on the Delmar School board, he was involved in land/timber purchases in the Carolinas, he was one of the first people in town to own an automobile, and he was active in his church, he was choir director for 47 years,  and was a mason. 

The Elliotts had as children; Cora E. (1882-1883), John M (1883-1914), Hermon Lee (1886-1943), Earl Benjamin (1888-1962), Glen Frazier (1892-1929), and Grace Ester (1895-1932). 

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