Friday, March 8, 2019

Solomon J Rhodes 1922

This is the equivalent of the silver alert of today.  In 1922, Solomon John Rhodes had wandered off once again.  This time he was missing for ten days before being found.  At this time he was living with his Son-In-Law and daughter in Wilmington.  Before that however he was prosper farmer living west of Delmar in the Delmar-Sharptown-Laurel triangle.  Solomon John Rhodes (1846-1923) was the son of John and Nancy Rhodes.  He had three brother; William, John, and James who also lived in the area.  His daughter; Lillian Mae Rhodes married James M. Thompson in 1903. His wife was Leah Kinnikin daughter of Stephen and Eleanor Kinnikin.

His daughter, Mae (May) Rhodes (Rhoads, Rhoades)) was the woman, Elmer Collins of the Delmar-Sharptown-Laurel triangle, allegedly killed his wife for in 1903 for which there was a big trial.

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