Friday, March 15, 2019

J J Elliott

above 1925 ad

Joseph James Elliott (1866-1939) was the son of Lowder and Mary Ann Elliott.  Born outside of Delmar he would become involved in logging and saw mills.  About 1900 he would move to the Bloomtown (Makemie Park) area on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  The area from New Church down through Parksley was a major lumber producing area at that time. In Bloomtown he would have a large saw mill.  His wife, Annie Louisa Culver (1876-1945), would have two children born in Virginia  that lived; James Grayson (1902-1968) and Mary Elizabeth (1905-1973). 

In 1913 the Delmar Lumber Manufacturing company went bankrupt.  The large saw mill, basket and crate plant was located north of town in the Trigiaville section of Delmar.  J J Elliott saw his chance and bought the company putting it back into operation. 

He lived on the Delmar Maryland side of town and was elected to be a town commissioner serving on the council.  In 1933 he was injured when he fell off a logging cart while hauling logs.  In 1939 he had a paralytic stroke and died.  He is buried in St Stephen cemetery.

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